Jim Fang

👋 Hi there! Welcome to my corner of the Internet!

I am currently working on db8bot, a Discord application that aims to make academic journals, forensics debate, and digital learning accessible to all. My other side projects include COVID-19 dashboards, Spotify playlist automations, Debate tools, and more.

Recently, I've began to experiment with anti-censorship technologies developed from data gathered in studies of Internet censorship across the world. See my journey here.

My ultimate goal is to make the Web more accessible through all my projects.

When I am not working on projects or digging into new tech, you can find me taking photos and crowdsourcing on Google Maps.


Current: EECS @ UC Berkeley '27

Previous: The College Preparatory School '23, Canyon Middle School '19

Feel free to reach out to me at the places below! I'd love to hear from you!


Berkeley Mail: yf328@berkeley.edu

db8bot Mail: jim@db8bot.app

Personal Mail: jim@airfusion.dev

PGP Keys
Keybase OpenPGP: 
6A8B 89FD B2A5 56AC 6B8F 1861 B66B 77E7 B2D0 CA60
Alternative Non-Keybase Key: 
02C8 2697 02AB 896B 499F 1BD7 0809 EF6C D42A 638E

Subdomains & Other Bits

This domain serves as the main domain for projects that require a domain/subdomain. Apps & sites ran on this domain and other useful utlities I use to help me build are listed below.